Running A Business

Where can I find Staff?

This depends a little on the type of business and the type of staff that you are seeking.

For professional staff (eg. accountants, engineers, sales & marketing, executive chef or management level) there are a number of online recruitment sites that work well. JobThai and JobsDB are 2 of the largest and prices start under 1000 THB.

If your time is scarce or you aren't currently in Thailand, there are many recruitment companies who will handle the process for you. These don't come cheap however, expect to pay a minimum of 1-2 months of the candidates salary.

For less professional roles (eg. kitchen staff, waitress, hotel receptionist etc) you will struggle on the recruitment sites and are best to go where these people hang out.
Facebook groups for staff in your local area are one of the best bets, make sure to post in Thai language (get a friend to translate) for the best results if looking for local staff.
Some shopping malls also have physical notice boards where you can pay to post an ad, these are less effective than they used to be but can still be worth a try.

What taxes will I need to pay?

This varies by business so be sure to speak to an accountant for the complete answer, but the key ones are below.

Social Security - required if you hire full time staff, up to 750 THB per month from the company, plus the same deducted from the employees wages. Less if on low salary.
Salary Tax - applies if staff earn high enough salary, entry level workers normally within the personal allowance.

VAT - 7% on what you sell, minus VAT paid on items you buy. Required once you hit 1.8 M THB in annual revenue.

Corporate Income Tax - Paid yearly depending on your profit levels.

Withholding Tax - Deducted when you pay suppliers for certain services and may be deducted by certain customers when they pay you.

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